Doctor Who Undead and loving it.  Come on, being a Time Lord has got to be a very dangerous job with death lurking around the corner in various amusing ways.  It’s a wonder that The Doctor hasn’t die a horrible death a thousand times over.

And what fate awaits him after taking a final dirt nap.  Doctor Who Undead!  Actually that sounds like a really cool Doctor Who Spinoff series.

Follow Doctor Who undead as he travels through time and space converting everyone into flesh hungry zombies.   You could make the Daleks and Cybermen benevolent zombie hunters just for the hell of it.

This idea is genius I tells ya.  Doctor Who Undead next on the BBC.


I can’t wait for my next convention now when a rabid Doctor Who fan will confront me over such sacrilidge.  Sure they’ll be irate, I’ll be defensive and angry, but eventually we’ll find some common ground and part as lifelong friends….. Or I’ll end up stuffed in the trunk of an abandoned car and left out in the vast Utah wasteland desert to die for my crimes.

I can’t wait to see which one will happen.

Also the reason I’ve got a Doctor Who Undead sketch up today rather than the usual comic is I’ been buried under freelance work again.  I really look forward to the day I can do this full time.