I love H.P. Lovecraft’s writings. The macabre mood, the weirdness, and the insanity of it really appeal to me. (You know when I say that outloud I sound really weird) So I had to take a break from the zombies to sketch his most famous character out. Dread Cthulhu… your so cuddly.

H.P. Lovecraft would be the man who in many people’s opinion has been the most influential on all of modern horror. He deeply affected me and my zombie fetish with his story “Herbert West—Reanimator.” I love this story and even though the movies aren’t so stellar I still love them too… Except for the third one. That was one was just @$$.

He is also the man who created the idea of the fictional book the “Necronomicon” which was used mainly as a prop in his stories, but some people to this day believe actually existed. (Cough.. cough.. my ex… cough) Sorry people that book you see at Barnes and Nobles in the Wicca section was written by two guys during the 70’s looking to make a buck.

I made my own Necronomicon for the heck of it… You can see my tutorial on the EXTRAS page

Read up on the man and get some of his work if you really enjoy some good horror stories.
H.P. Lovecraft