Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  I feel shame.  I got a sinus infection.  That turned into a bigger sinus infection.  That turned into pneumonia.  That ruined my lungs for a while.  Then Comicon (FanX).  Then Con Flu.

So it’s been super awesome.

You know what despite the health bullcrap, SLC comicon (FanX) was amazaballs.  My wife and I did the show, met a lot of great people and made enough to expand our business.  I can’t really complain…. Except when my lungs gave out the first day and I forgot my inhaler in the car.  Thought I was going to die there.

Good times, good times.  Other than nearly suffocating to death that is.

Anyway.  I’m healthy’ish now and ready to get back on the horse.  New comic up on Friday.

Thanks for the patients.