So how was your weekend?  Good?  That’s awesome.  Glad you had a good one.

I spent mine getting stabbed in the butt and crammed full of antibiotics…… Please do not take that sentence out of context.

I sort of got really really REALLY sick over the weekend until my wife dragged me into the doctor’s office kicking and screaming.  Okay that last part isn’t true, I didn’t have the strength to kick and scream.  More of a gasping pathetic wheezing noise punctuated by racking coughs.

I don’t like going to the doctor.  I always feel like I’m wasting their time and my money as my symptoms can’t possibly be that bad.  And great Cthulhu forbid you ask for any pain med (You know because being sick hurts) because then they look at you like your addict.

My wife mocked me both times I got stabbed in the butt.  Relentless teasing is how my family gets through anything painful.   And lordy are those shots painful.

The nurse said it was antibiotics, but I suspect it was actually tiny tiny thumbtacks she was injecting my glorious backside with.  I have not been able to sit properly all weekend long.

Lungs feel better though.  THANKS WESTERN MEDICINE!