A possible call of Cthulhu or not.  It’s been a while so I should possibly remind you that a small baby Shoggoth lives under the hat of Moon, one of the characters.  Shoggoths are delightful creatures made of gross protoplasmic goo.  They are constantly forming, dissolving, and reforming organ, eyeballs, and tentacles.  So they are kind of party creatures.

Sadly they don’t have much in the way of a vocabulary and all they ever say is “Tekeli-li” and even when they do that it is high pitched and in no way, shape, or form scary or intimidating.  I’m not sure why H.P. Lovecraft thought that would be scary when he wrote “At the Mountains of Madness” in 1931, but it’s not.

It’s kind of silly.

So let’s review,  Gross slimy monster forming and reforming eyeballs while ripping the heads off of things… Super cool.  Same monster saying a silly word in a high pitched girly voice… Not as cool.