A Betty White Zombie for today’s comic.  I love Betty White, and well who doesn’t?  At this point isn’t she some sort of national treasure or something.

I love the quote by her:

“Why do people say ‘Grow some balls’? Balls are weak and sensitive.  If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.” -Betty White

That is quite possibly the funniest and truest thing I have ever heard.  Those things are not impact resistant at all why do we consider them as basically a synonym for toughness?

So this is a mini zombie drawing tutorial I’m making with the glorious Betty White as the subject.
Betty White Zombie 1

Stage one of my Betty White Zombie drawing.  Always starting with pencil I just try to get everything in the right place.

Betty White Zombie 2

Stage two, scanning the drawing into photoshop I put the pencil layer to multiply and put a gray layer underneath it.

Betty White Zombie 3

Third stage of my mini zombie drawing tutorial.  Adding a background and pushing the lights and darks on zombie’s face.  I don’t worry about making my tones smooth as the more texture you put on a zombie’s face the better it looks, also I’ve only got so much time before exhaustion claims me and I must sleep….. So you know.  You do what you can.

The last stage of the tutorial is the comic itself.  I add the text and use the burn and dodge tools to give the last bit of contrast to the zombies face.

You can read my last, and more in depth, tutorial here.  How to Draw a Zombie  That one was fun to do and has the benefit of having my disturbingly handsome face as the subject.  Again I have to warn you ladies, and some of you men, I’m happily married.  I’m sorry, but our love can never be.

It’s okay, weeping at this point is normal.