Since I’ve been giving Twilight a hard time in the comic I’ve kind of had it on the brain lately. I swear Twilight fans I’m “almost” done there is no reason to drive to my house, drag me out by my hair and pummel me senseless… Unless you really want to, I usually have to pay for that type of thing.

Soooo why is it when Bella finds out that Edward watches her sleep every night she doesn’t run away immediately? Look I don’t care if how hot someone is if I were to find out they break into my house every night and watch my bloated snoring carcass sleeping every night I’m going to get a serious case of the creepies.

“Oh, Edward, you’re so dreamy I love the way you stalk me, watch me sleep, get insanely obsessive about me….. scare the ever loving shit out of me! Aaaw I feel loved.”

You do know it’s just a short step from watching you sleep to sticking you in a pit in the basement and going a little “Silence of the Lambs” on you? A very very short step.