The reason this is only a 95% True Tales of a Cartoonist is that my eyeballs were actually able to handle the strain.  I’m very manly and tough that way.

I just got back from Steamfest, an awesome Steampunk convention in Utah.  It was awesome although I really felt under dressed.  Steampunk conventions have more people dressing up in them than pretty much any other convention.  And a sizable proportion of them wear corsets and display a shocking amount of cleavage that is not seen in every day life.

Cleavage is both awesome and terrible at the same time.  Awesome in that it makes the day brighter, birds sing clearer, and it gives oneself an overall feeling of well being more powerful than any drug.  Cleavage is also awefull as staring at it too long ruins marriages, causes restraining orders, and gets certain late thirtyish cartoonists labeled as “That creepy guy.”  (Sigh)  I always hate it when my con experience ends with the words “That’s him Officer!”

All that being said Steamfest 2013 was a lot of fun, I had a really good time, and came away with a lot of stories about it.  You can’t ask for better than that.