Warping young minds is my favorite activity.  Honestly that’s why I became a parent in the first place.

Once a week I teach a bunch of young impressionable human larva about various esoteric theories about what happens after we are worm food.  Take that however you will, it’s just what I do.

However, being an unrepentant smart ass sometimes I can’t help but throw in the occasional theory of my own I might have for my own amusement.  When this strays outside the proscribed curriculum sometimes I get in a wee bit of trouble with the neighbors.

Okay, so I may have told a room full of eight year olds that the world was going to end December 21st and the zombies might rise up to devour mankind…. I also might have mentioned the need to resort to cannibalism….. and Okay I “May” have implied that some of them would make a delicious Bar-B-Que meal.  Does that make me a bad person.  Yes, yes it does.

Look I never claimed to be a good person.  In fact perhaps my love of zombies stems somewhat from a nagging premonition of where I’m likely to end up once I shed this mortal coil.  Becoming a zombie seems like a better alternative to brimstone.