My zombie webcomic today has very little to do with zombies and more to do with the madness of the cartoonist responsible.  Today’s comic is completely true.  I take great amusement in completely over reacting to things people say and taking them to a ludicrous level.  The awkwardness that follows is the sweetest thing ever.  I love it.

So when my seven year old comes to me claiming she can’t sleep because she’s hearing voices, the first (And Most Natural) conclusion I have is that she is on the verge of demonic possession.  It was a logical assumption at the time.  The look on my wife’s face as I burst into the room demanding that she get me a Old priest and a Young priest so we could save my daughter’s immortal soul was priceless though.

I love the woman, she has an amazing ability to not murder me when I get this way.  You’ve got to respect that.

Tune in again on Wednesday as there will be more zombie webcomic madness to enjoy.