Steamfest if over, sadly. I had a lot of fun and I’ll have to prepare a post all about it later when I’m not so tired. We had an amazing time. Got to hang out with D.J Butler, the awesome writer of the “Rock band fights evil” series.

I have some interesting conversations at conventions. Some are good, some are odd, some are just amusing.ย  This conversation happened almost word for word while I was hanging out with David at my zombie booth.

I’m relatively certain this lady didn’t mean to actually say that, but it struck me as so odd and funny I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What would a steampunk/victorian handy be like? I imagine a lot of steam, which leads to painful burns. Also there’s the gears and bits of brass…. That’s going to cause some serious chaffing.ย  You know what I bet it would just hurt. I’m going to have to pass.