Again this comic is 100% true.   I got stuck talking to what I can only describe as a human tarpit who could not take the hint that he was crushing my very soul under an avalanche of painfully awkward one sided conversation.

So I faked a call from my long dead grandmother, spouted off some crazy nonsense and beat a hasty retreat.  He never stopped talking, I’m not entirely sure what his gripe was about, but I can say for sure that he really doesn’t like democrats…. or broccoli, I don’t know I wasn’t listening.

Also I couldn’t stop staring at his crazy eyebrows.  I swear by my lord and master, Cthulhu, that as I gradually turn into a decrepit old man that I will remember to trim my eyebrows!  This craps important people,  Trim those caterpillars.  Nobody should go through life looking like a “Mentat” from the movie “Dune.”

I should feel more guilty over doing things like this, I really do try not to be an ass, but the truth is I kinda am an ass and I’ve got to go with my strengths.

The funny part of this for me is that while attending the “Life, The Universe, and Everything” convention a few weekends ago I attended a panel that was basically all about how to have normal human interactions with other people.  That’s something that you would assume we all pick up readily during the course of our lives and shouldn’t need a class on.

You would be very wrong about that though.