There is nothing funnier to me then making my friends and family just a little bit more uncomfortable.  I love it to an alarming degree.  So when my neighbor and friends are going door to door asking for donations to “Friends of Scouting” I couldn’t help myself.

I’m an assistant cub master for some reason that I still don’t understand.  Why anyone would give me the opportunity to mess with the fragile minds of their children is beyond me.  I even tell the parents straight up, “I’m going to twist your kids fragile minds into creepy reflection of my own.”  And for some reason I still get put in charge of kids.  Meh.

The big thing with scouting at the moment is whether or not to allow gay people to be leaders in the scouting program.  I work with and am around gay people all the time.  It’s just not a big deal to me.  I simply don’t have enough free time or energy in me to care who or what other people choose to sleep with.

My experience is that gay people  are no more or less creepy and pervy than straight people.   So I have a hard time actually caring about this subject, but if I can use it to make my neighbors and friends a little bit more uncomfortable, I’m gonna.

For the record in today’s comic Dan is actually one of the nicest and friendliest people I know.