So I was at Anime Banzai this weekend and things are going great. I mean things are going awesome! So of course my ego is exploding. People are telling me I’m awesome, they’re smiling, everyone’s having a good time….

Right at the height of my hubris this adorable little girl makes this comment to me that I’m ALMOST an artist…and… CLICK, just like that. I’m brought back to reality with the crushing realization that I’m just a dude… and a weird dude at that. A weird dude that draws weird stuff.

That’s not a bad thing.

I think it’s bad to take yourself too seriously. I make the joke all the time with my wife that “I’m internet famous” and my chest puffs out and I start kicking in doors shouting that. I’M INTERNET FAMOUS!!!

To me that’s a huge joke because being “Internet Famous” is nothing. It doesn’t really mean anything. And no matter how big you think you are there’s going to be a million people bigger.

This guy is more internet famous than I’ll ever be and I’m totally okay with that.

So when a little girl comes up and with a few words manages to put me in my place, I can’t help but laugh at myself. I’ll laugh, then go right back to drawing my weird little zombie comic. I’ll just have a little bit less of an ego when I do it. 🙂