Cockneys Vs. Zombies looks kinda like “Shaun of the Dead” but more shooting, old people, and weird British swearing. It’s a nice trailer, and this is clearly meant to be a comedy. I do like the old guy with the walker trying to get away from the zombies. That was amusing.

Cockneys Vs. Zombies is something I’ll keep my eye open for. Only one weird thing about this trailer, the Cockney accent. That is not exactly the most intimidating accent I’ve ever heard.

Look, when James Bond roles up gets all “Britishy” (Is that a term) you know he’s a badass and someone’s going to die. But when I listen to a Cockney accent I can’t stop picturing Dickensesque street urchins begging for coins and trying to shine my shoes. Also I’m not entirely sure what some of those British slang terms mean, but If you call me a tart or a muffet I’m just going to laugh at you.

I’m aware that this will probably get me punched in the nose one day and that I’ll deserve it.

Watching “Cockneys Vs. Zombies” has suddenly made me very paranoid of my own accent…..

I’m over it now. I’ve decided that my own humble accent is rugged and super manly. Just listening to my gruff voice has been known to make chest hair spontaneously grow on those within earshot…. Including the ladies.

And with that disturbing image I’m going to bed, because it’s late and I’m getting silly.