Carter Reid at Salt Lake Comic Con!  Hey that’s me!  What are you waiting for then?  Come Stalk me!

Yes, If you are looking for an opportunity to stalk me, and I’m sure that you are, then your chance has finally come in.

I’ll be at Utah’s Salt Lake Comic Con this September 5th through 7th at the Salt Palace Convention Center. You can come stalk me there and I won’t be able to run away!

We’ll be able to stare longingly into each others eyes, you can tell me all about your thirty two cats, and how you collect human beings and keep them in giant jars in your basement. Oh the fun we’ll have! Hey does this smell like chloroform to you? Yes… Yes it does.

Carter Reid at Salt Lake Comic Con

Holy cow I’m a handsome man! Check out my rugged five o’clock shadow and super masculine jawline. And those soulful eyes…. nope, no trace of insanity there!

Seriously though, come see me at Salt Lake Comic Con.  I’ll happily draw your picture as a zombie, we’ll talk about the positive aspects of the undead, possibly we’ll even have time to braid each others hair.  It’ll be a good time.

I’ll be in the artist alley doing my best to give the illusion of competence and respectability.   Feel free to stop by and give me your opinion of how well I’m doing at that.

(Caution though if you tell me that I suck you will be treated to the rare sight of a thirty-eight year old man/child curling up in the fetal position and weeping at an astonishingly high decibel level… You have been warned.)