Canada will never become a safe haven for zombies?  That is so racist.  In that zombies are a race…. and… Canada is planning on discriminating against them.  Damn you Canada!

I only say this because the chances of me ending up as a zombie during the zombie apocalypse are nearly %100 and I wouldn’t mind shuffling north when that happens.  Now if they won’t let me in I’m going to be horribly disappointed.  How am I going to get my socialized zombie medicine and cheap zombie drugs then huh?  I ask you.

Kidding aside I’m thoroughly impressed that the Canadian government actually has it in them to make this type of joke.  You don’t find that with American politics.  I’d give you my opinion of the state of politics in the USA but I swore I wouldn’t discuss politics on my blog.  Suffice it to say my opinion of politicians in general could not be more poor.

So here’s to you you crazy Canadians, even though you insist on calling ham “Canadian Bacon” and you insist on calling Hockey a sport you at least have a sense of humor about zombies…. Even if your against them.