This made me smile and want to play “Call of Duty” again. To be honest I don’t play “Call of Duty” very often, mostly because of other COD players.

It is somewhat humiliating to get mocked by a twelve year old living in his mom’s basement who’s criticizing me due to my lack of “The SkillS.”

Look kid I’m sorry I’m on your team and die ALL THE TIME. I have this crazy thing called a job, wife, and kids that keeps me from practicing for 16+ hours a day. Tell you what, let’s play an adult game. It’s called “Paying a Mortgage and doing your taxes at the last minute so you don’t go to jail” and see how well you do…. Now that’s a man’s game. And in about ten or more years it’s going to be your game… unless you still live in mom’s basement. 🙂

Great, Cthulhu that was cathartic.

(I really am terrible at multiplayer shooters, I wish that wasn’t true)