As of Yesterday “Brains: A Zombie Memoir” written by Robin Becker is available for you to purchase, take home, and dare I say it “to love.” (Why do I always take this to a creepy place… Write what you know I guess.)

I loved the trailer for this book, made me laugh, but to be honest I really am looking forward to getting my grubby hands on a copy because I like the premise. I’ve read way to many books and watched too many movies where the zombies are the horrible villains, suitable only to be put down with a well placed shot to the head.

It’s really really REALLY refreshing to see them as the Protagonists in a story. I support Zombie Rights! And you should too.

Brains A Zombie Memoir

About the Book:

Forget contemporary American literature–former college professor Jack Barnes has a new passion: Brains. It’s in his nature…he’s a zombie. But he’s not your normal, vacant-eyed, undead idiot. No, Jack Barnes has something most other victims of the zombie apocalypse don’t have: sentience. In fact, he can even write. And the story he has to tell is a truly disturbing–yet strangely heartwarming–one.

Convinced he’ll bring about a peaceful coexistence between zombies and humans if he can demonstrate his unique condition to the man responsible for the zombie virus, Howard Stein, Barnes sets off on a grueling cross-country journey to meet his maker. Along the way he meets more like him, rotting brain-eaters who have retained some sort of cognitive ability, and soon forms a small army that will stop at nothing to reach their goal.

There’s Guts, the agile, dread-locked boy who can run like the wind; Joan, the matronly nurse adept at re-attaching rotting appendages; Annie, the young girl with a fierce quick-draw; and Ros, who can actually speak coherent sentences. Together they make their way through an eerie new world of roving zombie hunters, empty McMansions, and clogged highways on a quest to attain what all men, women–and apparently zombies–yearn for: equality.