Blood Bath Shower Gel

Take your mental illness to a new level... Yeah!

Ever take a shower and think to yourself, “Why am I NOT covered in blood!?!”

Me either, but now that I’ve seen this horrific product (thanks to our citizen No. 1 Ladybell), it’s all I can do not to cover myself in cherry scented blood/bath gel and relive all my favorite moments of all the poor suckers who got killed in the shower in every horror movie ever made.

I am both horrified and highly amused that this product exists. I deem this to be Awesome.

From the crazy people making this…

So after a tough day battling against werewolves and the armies of undead zombies, what better way to freshen up before nipping out for a bite to eat down your local morgue, than a hot shower and a good scrub down with our cherry scented Blood Bath Shower Gel.

You can order it here and take one more step towards your future life as a serial killer.