Oh noes, vampires!
Oldy time vampires.
Vampires are such racists!

After reviewing how incredibly empty my wallet was I kind of on the fence about purchasing this book but after reading this review and seeing these pictures I’ll be picking this up this weekend. I mean I may have to pimp myself out to afford it, but we all have to make sacrifices for the things we love right?

So anyone up for some Sensual massage from a old, creapy, hairy, white guy with rabies? No? ….um Yeah me either. I totally wasn’t talking about me… seriously that wasn’t me I was talking about that was some other guy… I’m not old dang it! (I’ll admit to being creepy though).

I’m ready for a history bending presidential vampire @$$ whooping book to read. With any luck I can replace some of that “Useless” knowledge I accidently crammed into my head in high school.