Australian protester zombies

I guess the Aussies are a little tired of their countries prudish video game classification system… So they decided to protest….. as zombies. Source here.

MORE than 500 people dressed as zombies lurched and marched down Sydney streets on Saturday in protest at the gaming classifications in Australia and calling for an adults-only game classification.

Australia is the only Western nation that does not have an R18+ classification for video games.

This is the second zombie protest in Sydney. The violent zombie video game Left 4 Dead 2 failed to meet the MA15+ classification last year, inspiring the theme of the protest.

I thought this was an interesting part of the article.

A recent investigation by the Sun-Herald revealed that the existing video game classification system is not working effectively, with many violent, gory games finding their way into the hands of kids as young as 14.

Look I won’t lie. I love violent bloody video games. It would make me angry if someone told me I couldn’t play them. At the same time, I WILL NOT let my kids play or even watch me play those same games….. Why?

Because I’m the parent, I’m the boss, and boo hoo kids, I get to tell you what to do. That’s my job. Not some politicians.

I don’t need the government protecting my kids from violent games I do that already. At the same time I don’t need the government protecting me from those games either.

Because I’m an adult, thanks.