Holy crap I was expecting very little from this and I have to say that’s a pretty decent looking trailer. (Hon, if your reading this I totally did NOT pause the trailer when the hot chicks in skin tight outfits were on….. repeatedly…. don’t you judge me woman!)

Anyway, I loved “Tron” growing up. You young’ns growing up don’t understand, but back in the 80’s computers were “LITERALLY” magic and who the crap knew what these biege boxes could do.

So “Tron” really captured the imagination of my tiny prepubescent self. I am excited to see how they changed things up.

Disney already has my money…. I want TRON.

HA! I just reread the text at the start of the trailer “…set in a digital world unlike anything ever captured on the big screen.” …..except for like a million times by other movies. Oh oh! and don’t forget when the original captured it on the big screen too…. in the 80’s!!!

Shut yer piehole ,marketing guy, and just let us enjoy the trailer!