Conduit Convention

Last weekend was my first ever convention appearance at the “Conduit” convention in Salt Lake City. I haven’t really had any time to report on it till now.

Going into it I had no idea what to expect, but I can truthfully say that it was probably the funnest three days I’ve had in a long time.  My wife and I set up our booth early Friday in the dealers room.  The staff running the place couldn’t have been nicer.  Our booth neighbors were also awesome and very nice.  Friday the sales of my swag was a little slow, but it was hard to be disappointing by that as “Holy Crap!” the networking at the con was amazing.  I’ve never met so many people doing so many interesting things.

Saturday our sales took off and I got to be interviewed for radio and podcast several times.  As obsessive fans who want to hear my dulcet and melodious voice you can check out the podcasts here. , Dungeon Crawlers Radio, and Sector Five Radio

Saturday night my wife and I got to watch the costume competition.  That was a lot of fun, but then the best part was the “Filk.”  What’s “Filk” you ask?  Don’t worry I had no idea ether.  “Filk” is a genre of music tied to sci-fi and fantasy fandom.  It’s pretty interesting.  I particularly enjoyed the chorus of singers singing about how Cthulhu was a great squid.  I laughed.

One of the cool people I met at the convention was Dave Butler. (You should remember that name as it will be incredibly famous very soon)  a talented writer with several books in the works and amazing “Filk” musician.  Scroll down on his blog to see a clip of him singing The Gift of  Solomon Kane for which he won the song writing contest.  I have no musical ability so I was very impressed.  Hit the link to listen to him sing it.

Sunday was the sadness.  We sold well, but realization that the weekend was coming to a close brought a manly tear to my equally manly eye.  I met too many nice people to name, I got hugged by a furry, spent a great weekend with my wife.  What more could you ask for?

I’ll be going back next year.