AMC walking dead zombie picture

How awesome is this? AMC releases more pictures from the set of Robert Kirkman’s  “The Walking” Dead.”

Look at these pictures, they are disgusting… I love it. I blogged earlier about AMC releasing some zombie images, but I didn’t think they would release more so soon.

Looks like they are gearing up the hype machine for this Zombie Drama, but after these picts I can’t complain.  Mainly because judging from these it looks like they are taking this seriously.

AMC's The Walking Dead Zombie Picture
This would be the obligatory stare the Zombie in the eyeball shot.

AMC's The Walking Dead Zombies Revealed
I’m pretty sure I know this zombie, he owes me twenty bucks.

The Walking Dead Zombie pictures released
When, not if, I become a zombie I am going to look this badass.

AMC's The Walking Dead More Zombie shots
I don’t know which one I prefer in this shot, the pretty woman or the hot zombie…. Decisions decisions.