Holy crap a movie that's not a remake!.... I don't believe it.

In the solemn words of one of my favorite anchient chinese philosiphers, “That trailer looks BADASS!”

The premise is that these people, who are afraid of flying, decide to face their fears and go on a happy little plane trip. They enter a cloud bank and poof, suddenly there is NO ground. Literally it doesn’t matter what direction they go, there is no ground.

Sure that’s going to ruin your day (and your shorts) but now they are being stalked in the air by some crazy giant tentacled horror that could have come strait out of an H.P. Lovecraft story. My guess is that they are royally screwed.

I am just happy that there are still people making new movies instead of desperately raping my childhood in search of crappy movies to remake. Oh and the pilot’s kinda hot, so that’s positive.