A new advance in zombie fighting technology

Zombie fighting technology marches on. Now you can get a zombie fighting chainsaw to atach to your gun as a bayonet…. That’s great, I guess.

Look I hate the chainsaw as a zombie fighting tool. Sure it makes you look awesome and makes you feel like more of a man, but they just aren’t practical.

Chainsaws are.
1. Noisy They are just going to draw more zombies to you.
2. Chainsaws are heavy and slow. Unless you are built like a linebacker or possibly a crazy cannibal from Texas you are going to be getting real slow real quick.
3. Fuel is going to be pretty hard to come by during a zombie apocalypse.
4. Does the idea of getting splattered by tonnes of possibly infectious zombie blood and juices sound like a good idea to you. That’s a messy weapon. One drop of zombie juice gets in your eye and you’ve had it.

It may look cool in the movies and in this video clip, but the chainsaw is a no go for zombies. Try a hammer, seams like a better option. Just my opinion of course.