A President who really really hates the undead!

You thought Abraham Lincoln just hated Vampires… Well he does, but I guess old Abraham hates zombies as well.

There’s a rumor going around these interwebs today that “Asylum” best known for some of the most painful B movies I have ever seen will be making “Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies”

The title alone sets my cold dead black hear to fluttering.  If this is true I may just forgive Asylum for stealing my life away one movie at a time.

“While the brutal Civil War rages on, Abraham Lincoln must undertake an even more daunting task; destroying the Confederate Undead!”

I do love the idea of a Civil War era zombie flick.  The zombie genre is a tad bit stale at the moment and desperately need some new blood (pun intended).  How many times can you watch another zombie virus movies with the survivors holed up in a house without getting bored.  Me? Never, but I’m weird that way.  Even so I would like to see more new ideas.  Civil War zombies sound awesome.

Also I would like to see.

  • Roman Zombies
  • More Space zombies
  • Zombie Westerns (Hell yes)
  • Fantasy zombies (Think “Lord of the Rings” but Frodo smells worse and devours poor Samwise)