Oh crap!  I'm dead!

Sorry Ladies I'm married.

Stalkers, pay attention! This is the good stuff:
I live in the inky black depths of Utah, a blasted wasteland where the living envy the dead.

Naturally I have 32 wives, more children than Anjelina Jolie could adopt in a hundred lifetimes (good crap, I’m virile), and my home is lovingly referred to as the “compound.”

As you can probably tell I have a complete and total inability to take anything seriously.

I started this webcomic as a way to keep me drawing and failing that as a master plan to take over the world crushing lesser men beneath my booted heal so that I may take their women and throw salt on their graves so that nothing will ever grow their again… also I like puppies.

(Hon, if your reading this, it’s just a joke!….. Oh NOOOOOES, please don’t leave me! Your the only woman for me I swear!)

Lets move one…..

Soooooo feel free to stalk me, but fair warning:
I’m armed to the teath.
I have a doppelganger with no moral compass who follows me wherever I go… He is crazy protective.
And did I mention I live in Utah… Miles and miles of desert where no one will ever find you….. Yeah! Stalkers are fun!