This whole week I’m going to sadly be off the grid.  I’ll be doing the turkey thing, and the family thing, and the PRAYING FOR DEATH thing starting in about five minutes from now.

Unfortunately that means I won’t be able to upload a thing this week.  On the plus side I will be able to spend a tonne of time drawing which will help me get a super awesome buffer so that I might smite my enemies with it.  Can you smite someone with a buffer?  Where there’s a will there’s a way.

I’m probably going to have to switch comments off this week as I won’t be able to fight spammers very well during this horrible horrible week long Turkey Nightmare.

Attn: Spammers! I do not need VIAGRA!  Stop trying to sell it to me, you’re giving me a complex.

Anyway see you guys Monday and I hope you survive this most dreaded of all holidays.