Caution: the first bit of this trailer is a bit rough…. Not gory, but a young girl gets turned into a zombie by the Nazi’s…. It bothered me because I have a daughter (Dang Kids! Crap like that never bothered me before them…. Stop making daddy LESS callus an cruel!)

Fortunately the Evil Nazis get their comeuppance and hijinks ensue. Nazi zombies are the ultimate bad guys. Completely unsympathetic, you can watch them get shot and put down without the slightest pang of guilt. (If you are a Nazi Zombie please direct your hate mail to lightenupdude@it’

Directed by Tony Wash, “A Chance in Hell,” billed as “Inglourious Basterds meets Day of the Dead”


Scotchworthy Productions’ newest Nazi Zombie creature movie centers around a group of American soldiers who stumble upon a secret Nazi facility in the winter of 1944 and have to fight for their lives against a horde of bloodthirsty creatures.