Tom Carr from the Residual Hauntings podcast reviews the first book in the Rock Band Fights Evil series, Hellhound on my Trail by Dave (D.J.) Butler. Grab your Kindle edition today on Amazon:

I put this up as both Tom Carr and D.J. Butler are friends of mine I met at Utah’s Conduit convention.  In fact I was fortunate enough to be able to illustrate the very cover to the book that Tom is reviewing for Dave.  That was pretty cool.

Both of these gentlemen are clearly destined to conquer the world and achieve greatness.  Therefore it is vital that you should mark their names as one day you may wish to become their loyal vassal.

Tom is a Supernatural Podcasting machine and David is a literary colossus whose stride shakes the Earth’s very bedrock.   In other words, pretty cool guys.

Incidentally Tom Carr recently invited me to go on a Ghost Investigation with him.  I’ve been preparing a post about my experience and I’ll be able to post that soon.  I’m usually more of a fan the more corporeal dead, but I have to say that experience with ghost investigating was pretty awesome and something I’ll have to do again.