Conduit Picture

With my current zombies vs. furries storyline I’m always a little worried that the first furry I meet will punch me in my incredibly manly face… Sure I’d probably deserve it, but come on!… I’m a bleeder.

Never-the-less today I actually met me first “In the Fur” furry and my glorious and mildly unshaven face remains unblemished. Please pay no attention to the fact that this picture reveals that I need to start going jogging again…. I’m working on it.

Day no. 1 of the Conduit convention is done, it was my first ever con and I had a really good time. I’ve got two more days to go so I’m hoping that they go as smoothly as today went.

I didn’t actually sell a tremendous amount, but holy crap the promotion and networking that goes on at these things is awesome. This ALONE has made the con worth it.

Also you should have seen my wife (Stop staring at her cleavage… eyes up mister) she was a machine and just talked up a storm. I was thoroughly impressed.

Day No. 2 of Conduit here we go.