You would think that that would be a very obvious statement, but Japan is a weird place and I’ve…. seen… things. Things that once seen cannot be unseen… No matter how much I drink to kill the pain.

Here’s something else that the Necronomicon is NOT, it’s not real. Sadly the Necronomicon is a fictional book first thought up in H.P. Lovecraft’s story “The Hound” which was written in 1922.  It’s a literary device to create mood and mystery in some of Lovecraft’s short stories.

“But, Carter!” You say, “I picked up a copy at my local Barnes and Nobles last week and I’m currently summoning the old ones to finish my chores so I can play more video games.”

Again, sadly no. What you probably have in your hands is one of the many hoaxes that have been made over the years. The most likely one being the “Simon Necronomicon” that was put together in the 70’s by two guys in a Brooklyn book store who were really into a lot of drugs If I remember the story right.

There are people out there determined to believe it’s a real book though and not a literary device by a horror writer… People are weird.

Sorry to disapoint, but if your still interested in having a copy of the Necronomicon why not just follow my own tutorial and make a Necronomicon of your own. It’s Crazy fun.

Also there is this, I posted it before but it’s so awesome it deserves a further look.