Hey look! It’s some banners… Banners that some thoughtful (and damned handsome) individual has made for people to add to their sites for linking. Sweet Googly Moogly, I’m no expert, but I have to say those are the most attractive banners I have ever seen…. I want to have their babies! If I were you I would totally add them to my links page on my site.

So is that enough sucking up? Kinda? Yeah! Anyway feel free to copy and use them if you’d like.

Yeah... Linky linky!

Yeah... Linky linky!

Yeah... Linky linky!

Webcomics I read.

Ranchers raising zombies webcomic
A comic in the world of dreams
Station V3 is a rest stop and refueling station in a system where few people visit and fewer people need to rest or refuel.

The Other Grey Meat
Writhe and Shine Webcomic


Overcast With A Chance Of…. DOOM!
Cheap Caffeine
How Sweet it is

The Zombie Hunters
Player Vs Player
Commissioned Comic
Evil Incorporated
Order of the Stick
Dr. McNinja
Munch The Zombie

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