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Ahh just bought these on Blu Ray last night. Tonight I get to watch at least 10 minutes of them before the wife makes me turn it off "I'm gonna have nightmares!" She loves the Friday the 13th movies... go figure.

Let me know how REC 2 is, I still haven't seen it yet.  I know, I feel shame.

Yes yes I want to know how REC 2 goes as well. I saw the first one and rather enjoyed it. It has me quite curious to see the second one though Im probably going to have to wait until its free on demand or something. Foreign/old horror movies tend to come out there quite a bit due to most peoples lack of interest. Thats how I saw the first Rec. Ah thank you fear net.

On a side note I think I may also want to see how they do  quarantine 2. I hear for that one they actually did try to make it different then REC2 which means they either did something brilliant or completely horribly massacred the genius of the original movie in an attempt to hollywoodify it and make it more interesting to the American dumba-... consumer.

Just found out they've got REC 2 at the Redbox... Literally two blocks away.  If only I didn't have to go to sleep.

I have now watched Rec 2 and Quarantine 2.

I like Rec 2 more. It runs a Swat team through the same apartment building to try to find the previous group sent in. No airports no offsite locations. I watched it with subtitles and really liked it. I tried it with the movie The Hoard and enjoyed it more than the english dubbing. Sets up for a Rec 3 moving beyond the apartment building. I'd give it 5 out of 5.

Q2 picks up on a plane and ends in an airport. The link to the first movie was ok, but I felt there were too many "Aw come on..." moments. Set up for a Q3 is ok. I'd give it a 3 out of 5.

Gonna watch Rec and Rec 2 back to back tonight.


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