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How to post pictures.... Not necked ones.


I'll post a better tutorial later when I'm not so tired.

First, the forum doesn't allow attatchments for bandwidth reasons, but you can still post pictures.  You just need a photobucket account.

It's free and lets you make galleries and search for photos to add to your own galleries.

When you've got a picture in your gallery, mouse over it and it will have some code options below it you can simply copy and paste into your posts.  It will be the code with the "img" tags around it.

Poof like magic your image will appear and you will have a warm glow of accomplishment that borders on the obscene.  I know your excited.

Cross Stitched Zombie:
Thanks, I will be adding some later. sigh. work....

I here ya.  I'll be doing the same tonight.

there are a few other things you might be able to use like image shack but I find photobucket to be the easiest. Simple and free though I'd say try to watch bandwidth. You may want to have an image heavy warning on a pages/threads with a bunch of photos. Its polite to  those with slower machines/internet so it doesnt lag their computers

This is great information, but is completely useless to me right now. Why? Well, it's because basically all of my photos are on my brother's lab top, which currently can't be turned on because the power cord socket got jacked up. >:(


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