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One would think that that would be true, but nope. Plenty of people were commenting in here around this time last year, but only a few people (including myself) have barely posted anything here over the last few months.

I will try to find some more victims--errr-- people to join the forums. This place deserves more people


I didnt know where to put this, so i stuck it here.

 Its a bit of fan art as a thank you to Carter for inspiring me to finally start drawing my comic. I've had the idea for years, but never could seem to find the inspiration or motivation needed to actually get anything done. Your comic helped fix that problem. Thanks  :)

.. had some trouble getting the image to get smaller. my apologies for the size

Holy crap!  I am shamed that I have not seen this sooner.

That is fantastic!  Really I am blown away.

You sir, have some skills.

Thank you  ;D I was hoping that it would receive your approval.


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