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for the posting of any random doodlings or rambles :3

I have plenty of those, but I don't have the patience to scan those in and then put them on a hosting site so that I can post them here.

darn.. I was hoping to see some art from other people on this site. oh well. someone will most likely post here eventually.

in the mean time, here are a few of my doodles to hopefully get things started.

Those are awesome. And what other people? Barely any people post anything outside of the comments.

Also, like I said, I would love to post some of the random doodles I've made over the years (most of which don't look like anything) but I don't have the patience to scan them in or anything. It also doesn't help me much right now that my computer has almost zero disk space left at the moment. If I can back up a large number of pictures and (mostly)videos I can delete some of them but I currently have nothing to back them up on.(I don't have a useable flash drive and it wont register a CD)

that is quite unfortunate.. you could always try best buy for a zip drive. they usually have one or two on sale.

and not many people post on here? sad.. by the number of people that comment on the comics i would have thought that there were more.


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