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The Ultimate Zombie Picture Thread

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Aw...err... ewww... Zombies and romance. Its not like you can just throw sparkles on them and make them beautiful to every teenybopper and forty year old wanna be young mom. It is a rather cute picture though when it comes to zombies and a child says "Eww  mommy look, they are trying to eat eachother's faces" It's probably not a mere mistake of child naivety  but literal truth.

Cross Stitched Zombie:

Don't know if these count as zombies but it's one of my Dad's creepy pieces.

This is on a t-shirt that I really want to own.

Your dad did that?  Terrifying!  That last one would be a awesome to have on my shirt though.

Spongbob here aptly expresses my horror.


This is my current wallpaper. I love it because the large amount of black space on the left side is great for the icons. It's not so busy that the icons get lost.

lulz? Can't seem to post the picture without a link...  http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lh1kxnH9ry1qa1suqo1_500.jpg


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