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Okay I've got a project I could use some help with.

I want to research and do a comic about every type of undead there is.  I'm not talking about D & D undead, however.  I'm talking about actual cultural/mythological undead, ghosts, vampires etc.

I'll be doing research on the culture that created them, the time period the mythology came from things like that.

Here's where I need help.  What types of undead are out there?  Every culture has had them.  But I need examples and origins things like that.


Zombie mythology
Origin: Haiti, Voodoo, African Religions
Time period the mythology comes from: ?
Actual historical descriptions of the creature/powers/lore: ?

I'll be making comics about this and will happily give you credit for the help you give.

Things to research so far.
Zombies (of Course)
Ghouls (Middle Eastern Monster)
Chinese Vampires (Jiang Shi or the hopping vampire or zombie)
Draugr (Norse mythological undead not the ones from Skyrim)

Maybe I'll even make a poster about all these.  What do you guys think?

This should be an interesting project if we can get a few other involved. Preferably people who are less lazy than you or me, but the more the merrier. Although I do remember seeing a special or one of the History or science channels that went over many of the main types of zombies that might help you if you can find and watch it.

I remember that.  I wish they had it on Netflix.  I'll see if I can track it down.

Cross Stitched Zombie:
That seems like a lot of work. I'll try to help somewhat. I would suggest that you start with your local library.

Not sure if this what you want but here is a local legend from my home state.


Is that a recent story someone came up with or an actual legend someone just decided to write a story about?

Also adding "Revenents" to research.  Those are apparently from France originally.


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