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Just about every time I'm here in the forums, if someone else is on here I'll check and see what they're doing on the forums. Every now and then it says one of the other people in the forums is registering for an account and think "awesome, more people are wanting to join the community." The only problem is that I never see a new account pop up. EVER. Do you people only get half way through the process before deciding to go do some chores and then deciding to not even finish what you started? Unless all those people are just spammers, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. Please join The Zombie Nation's community because otherwise you can't complain when I call you stupid lazy mooches.(no seriously, no account means you literally can't complain back to me)

Lol maybe they're like me and have a terminal case of slackerism.

I'll review the questions I have to keep spammers out, maybe they aren't as easy as I thought.

Oh yeah, I for got that you had added those after that string of spammers.

It makes running any type of forum a pain.  I'm of the opinion that all those porn spammers should be brutally murdered.

It would be greatly appreciated if a few of the guests who only lurk around the comments and forums would actually start commenting and/or create an account on the forums.


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