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The today I learned thread. What did you learn today?

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Today I learned that I am two days older than Cartoon Network.

Today I learned that in order to sign up on this forum i have to say ZombieCarter is a ten in attractiveness. . .Apparently 6 wasn't good enough.  ???

I learned that you could get a brain sandwich in Chicago back in the high of its slaughterhouse days. The sandwich was made of deep fried cow brains with onions on bread.

Today I learned that if I want to get into the site's forum it would help if I could remember the password.

I am a dumb man sometimes.

Today I learned that parents aren't as amused by the things that I tell their children as I am.

And that will be the subject of Friday's comic btw.  Prepare for another episode of 100% true tales of a cartoonist.


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