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The today I learned thread. What did you learn today?

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Today I learned I can fit three whole Del Taco tacos in my mouth and not choke to death.

I take pride in this knowledge.

Today(or more yesterday because I've not done anything yet today) I learned that the gravy farmer employ the fish people of Gotnuked to harvest their bacon. It's true.

I truly believe that!  That is awesome.

Today I learned if you are polite to the customer service guy who's reconnecting your internet you can get a substantial discount on the price.

Thanks Customer service guy!

Today I learned that I never have to buy another bagel in my life... all you have to do is wait out side of einstines bagels for closing time and the workers bring out garbage bags of nothing but bagels and set them out by the garbage can. They are usually tripple layered simply due to the weight of all the bagely goodness. Just wait til they are gone and bam a whole month of bagels fro a family of twenty right there. I'll tell you one thing when i become a hobo I'll never starve. I sat in the car and just watched but man...if I didnt think it was illegal it might be a good idea.

Today I learned that a regular diet consisting of nothing but gas station hot dogs will play merry hell with your internal organs.

unnnnnnggggggg my organs!!!


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