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Post your obsessive hobbies!

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In Skyrim I carefully collect all the books and arrange them in stacks in my home.  I don't know why, but it gives me great satisfaction to do this.

It is also extremely OCD, but what can I tell ya.

i doodle. a lot.. to the point that my friends worry that i have a problem...
oh well. as long as it continues to amuse me, life is good.

and fijiman, you arent the only one. that gravel needs to go!

Cross Stitched Zombie:
I love reading! Esp. Science Fiction/Fantasy but sadly I'm in college right now, so all my reading is for school.

I want to beat every game in existence on impossible difficulty without cheats.

Of course, I'm don't have the best reflexes, so on games like Tomb Raider (which I'm playing now) I had to cut myself some slack and download a save game past a puzzle in order to continue. I just can't get Laura to jump fast enough to make it over seven pillars before I catch on fire, even though i tried literally about 200 times before sobbing piteously in a corner.

My OCD is burning that I cheated, but I'm doing my best to ignore it, otherwise I'll have to start all the way over again and die because i can't make it past that stupid part O_O


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