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When I'm not drawing, I fish.  I'm a lousy fisherman, but I love it anyway.
Here's my epic catch.

I play video games and read web comics. It almost makes you wish their wasn't anything else that needed to be done in life.

Both of those are respectable past times.  I wish I could play more games, but the webcomic and freelance work takes up almost all of my free time.

1st world problems though, I guess it could be worse.

I have a few video games I play, reading... mostly text books or ancient tomes of madness, do a bit of roleplaying and table top games (carter you should play zombie cinema one day you would love it)...hmm and spend way too much time playing around on the internet

In Minecraft I must remove almost all of the dirt/gravel in whenever if find any while I'm mining.


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