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contact me page - working?

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i've been trying to send a message on your contact me page for like an hour lol.
am i doing something wrong?

Sorry I've had some problems with that recently.  Are you the guy who just e-mailed me about the book.

I'm still at work so I haven't had time to read the e-mail, but I'll be able to check it out tonight.

yeah but don't worry.  your secret is safe with me.

in a little while i'm going to email you some content.  maybe you can post it and maybe not ...
either way ... you can delete this thread if you want to ... i'm pretty sure no one is interested in this, i was just trying to find out what i had done wrong if anything.


--- Quote from: W33D1X on November 08, 2011, 03:38:29 PM ---... i'm pretty sure no one is interested in this

--- End quote ---

WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?! Now I'm totally interested in this!

Just kidding. :P

Wait, now there's a new thread that I didn't link in my "troll" post. CRAP! >:(

W33dd1X , you can always post it in the forum.  I haven't been as active in here as I should be, good crap I'm busy, but this type of stuff goes great here.


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