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Cars and Zombies


So I was driving home tonight with the wife and got to see a cyclist down on the ground. His bike got bumped by a teen driver and knocked him off (No damage to Bike or Biker). Now I agree scary and I am not putting any blame on either of them for the accident, but what happened next made me realize that a car is definitely not safe to be in during a zombie attack. Why you ask?

Well the cyclist got up and went Hulk on the car punching and kicking the front hood and grill, then went to the drivers side and took out the drivers window in no time flat. The cyclist was average build and the window was gone like that... if he was a zombie the teens inside would have been lunch.

Moral for Motorists? - Watch where you are driving at all times there are others sharing the road with you.
Moral for Cyclists? - pay attention to those big metal things that could run you down. This is my Dad's rule. (my dad got nailed by a drunk driver once while biking and attained flight for 30 feet, I try to learn from my Dad's mistakes so I don't fly in anything other than a plane.)
Moral for Motorists in the zompocalypse? - Armor up those windows if you are planning on driving around.

Wow, I bet the cyclist didn't score sympathy points with the cops for the reaction. Anyone who drives around during the zombie apocalypse with having fortified their vehicle at least a little is an idiot.

Note to self... if I have to drive get a semi with a cow plow and put a metal grating on the inside of the window where it cant be easily pulled off

Semi is a good idea you can carry lots of gear if you get a trailer... and you can always turn that trailer into living quarters too. Which was my original idea for the zombpocalypse, but I don't know how to fix the damn things.
My buddy used to have one for his Dad's company. We did measurements once on the trailer to see what we could fit in there.. Raised beds that you need a ladder to get to.. then pull the ladder up as a wall to keep you from falling out or zombies getting up if they manage to break in... Buddy had some good ideas for the doors so unlikely.
Now I look back and think might as well just get a big RV and put a plow on the front to knock away the zombies... Course those RVs and Semi's are big and don't turn easy. A traffic jam will screw ya... The walking dead shows that well enough.


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