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The zombies are taking over, you've got to hole up somewhere, but where?

What's your zombie fortress going to be?


I would want something like a combination of a battleship, airship, and a castle with a nice combination steampunk and futuristic design. Failing that, this will do. http://halofanon.wikia.com/wiki/Myth-class_Dreadnought   Honestly, anything that can fly, has massive amounts of firepower, and could carry a Hound/Trench (look up Chromehounds or Trenched if you don't know what I'm talking about) for when I feel like personally f*$#ing s#!t up I'll be happy.

Problem with those options is that you're going to need fuel.  To survive long term you're going to need a greener option.

If you're ship can be powered by methane you could just eat a lot of beans I suppose. :)

Which is why they're powered by some sort of futuristic source, like a fusion reactor or something. At any rate, the only time I would have to worry about power is if someone EMPs my stuff.

The Thousand Islands gives plenty of options for places. Some of the bigger islands for farming and livestock. they are fairly close to me, if my country getaway fails that is option 2.
I wouldn't know how to do a geothermal or hydrodam to get electricity that way so it would have to be solar panels maybe wind turbines as well.
Just have to figure out walls or maybe something to keep the zombies from splashing over.


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