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Today's the day! The apocalypse is here!

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As long as the end of the world comes after the theater release of the the hobbit movie part one I'll be alright

When is the release for that movie.  I must see it... I must.

December of next year you know during the end of the world


--- Quote from: Skife on November 21, 2011, 06:22:37 PM ---December of next year you know during the end of the world

--- End quote ---
If the world isn't ended by some enormous apocalyptic event, it will be ended by the millions of idiots who are overreacting to the whole 2012 prediction. Hell, I predict huge price jumps in December of 2012 because of all the trying to prepare themselves as well as a huge increase in crime from all the people who are either trying to prepare themselves but don't have money or just want to take advantage of the chaos.

Useless bit of trivia here, but in England around the year 1000 people stopped making buildings out of stone for a while.

They figured why go to all that effort of using stone, the world was going to end soon.

There was a lot of that nonsense with the Y2K scare as well.

People are weird.


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